13 March 2018

The European Parliament adopts the Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery

Today, the European Parliament adopted the final text for a regulation on cross-border parcel delivery. Extensive debate in the run-up to today‘s vote highlighted the central role played by parcel d...

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20 October 2017

Diverse and Affordable Parcel Delivery Services to Boost E-Commerce

  PostEurop and 11 CEOs of European postal operators discuss e-commerce and parcel delivery with Vice-President Ansip On 19 October, PostEurop and 11 CEOs of European national postal op...

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12 October 2017

PostEurop reacts to the adoption of TRAN’s report on the Parcel Delivery Proposal

Today, members of the European Parliament committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) adopted their report on the proposed Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery. Parcel delivery is the corne...

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03 October 2017

PostEurop’s position paper on the cross-border parcel delivery proposal

On 12 October 2017, the European Parliament’s committee on Transport and Tourism will vote on its report on the proposal for a Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services. PostEurop, the...

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31 May 2017

PostEurop’s opinion on the cross-border parcel delivery proposal

Following yesterday’s vote, PostEurop welcomes IMCO’s recognition that mandating third party access to national postal operators’ networks isn’t necessary and shouldn’t feature in the regula...

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03 May 2017

Key facts and figures about our industry

Parcel delivery is the lifeblood of e-commerce. Postal operators deliver 11 million parcels a day to anyone, anywhere in Europe – at affordable prices. We innovate for end-consumers and e-retailers,...

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03 March 2017

Stakeholders discussed the cross-border parcel delivery proposal at a European Parliament event co-hosted by rapporteurs Lucy Anderson MEP and Biljana Borzan MEP : “A proportionate and targeted approach is needed”

Brussels, 3rd March 2017 On Wednesday, actors of the European parcel delivery market and Members of the European Parliament discussed the proposed regulation on cross-border parcel delivery. Th...

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02 December 2016

Council discusses progress of negotiations on the Parcel Delivery Proposal – European postal operators look to the Council to recognise the competitiveness of the parcels market

Brussels, 2nd December 2016 Today, EU ministers were presented with a progress report on the Council’s position on the proposed regulation on cross-border parcel delivery. PostEurop, represen...

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15 November 2016

Three innovative SMEs and PostEurop discuss how to deliver the physical part of the Digital Single Market

On 8th November, PostEurop and Ismail Ertug MEP (DE, S&D) hosted a lively morning session on e-commerce and cross-border parcel delivery in the European Parliament. Parcel delivery is a cornerston...

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28 September 2016

The method of delivery is becoming a key factor to the growth of e-commerce in Europe

PostNord’s annual report charting e-buying habits and preferences shows that Europeans are increasingly shopping online. In the past year year alone, 253 million Europeans bought goods online to a t...

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27 September 2016

Ecommerce Europe’s report reveals the potential and diversity the European e-commerce market offers to cross-border retailers

The European B2C E-commerce Report 2016, sponsored by Asendia, looks at the state of e-commerce across the continent, focusing on five regions and thirty countries. Boasting a collection of very estab...

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15 September 2016

The European Postal Industry welcomes the European Parliament’s support for a sustainable universal service

Brussels, 15th September 2016 Today, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the application of the Postal Services Directive, last reviewed in 2008. Postal operators provide a universa...

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06 September 2016

Small businesses missing out on international sales

New  research by Royal Mail released as part of Small Business Advice Week  lists key reasons for why majority of UK small businesses (60%) are not exporting abroad and  potentially missing out on...

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25 May 2016

Commission Parcel Delivery Proposal – National postal operators welcome greater price transparency for end consumers but regret increased red tape for businesses

Today, the European Commission published a proposal for a regulation on cross-border parcel delivery. Parcel delivery is a cornerstone of the fast-growing e-commerce industry and a crucial pillar of...

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19 May 2016

More than meets the eye: New Royal Mail research reveals UK’s online shopping returns habits

New research commissioned by Royal Mail into consumers’ returns habits for online shopping, found that over one in ten online shoppers (12 per cent) have returned internet purchases because they loo...

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