10 January 2019

Correos sent over 106 million parcels in 2018

Correos, the national postal service of Spain, has distributed more than 106 million packages in 2018. This represents an increase of 61 percent compared to the total amount of packages it managed dur...

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24 December 2018

PostNL expects to deliver 50 million parcels in November and December

Mail deliverers, sorters, truck drivers and parcel deliverers at PostNL turned in a top performance in the festive period. Mail deliverers have delivered millions of Christmas cards and almost 212.000...

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14 December 2018

Record number of parcels for bpost during the end-of-year holiday period

Be it an ideal outfit for New Year’s Eve or gifts to put under the tree, all are increasingly shopped online, and bpost delivers at home or at a pick-up point, as selected. Last year, bpost had a...

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13 December 2018

Posti hits a new record with 1.3 million parcels last week

Posti’s record-high parcel volumes indicate that Finns were utilizing the attractive seasonal discounts of Finnish and foreign online stores.

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09 November 2018

Finnish consumers expect online stores to offer fast and free deliveries, and returns

More than four out of five Finnish online shoppers mention free deliveries (83%), free returns (84%), a straightforward return process (86%) and delivery speed (85%) as important considerations in cho...

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08 October 2018

Royal Mail launches app to help consumers manage deliveries

Royal Mail has launched a new mobile app to help consumers manage their deliveries more effectively. Customers will be able to use a reference number to check the progress of their deliveries, and...

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27 September 2018

German e-commerce association wants more letterbox deliveries

Bevh, the German association of ecommerce and mail order, wants to have more online orders delivered to home letterboxes. It will work closer together with VDBF, the association of the German envelope...

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05 September 2018

Online shopping in the UK rises nine per cent YOY

UK online shoppers make 87 per cent of their retail* purchases online, up from 80 per cent last year, according to Royal Mail’s annual UK report. The proportion of money being spent online* has inc...

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02 August 2018

Tickets and perfumes are bought from web stores, groceries and medication from conventional stores

According to an e-commerce research by Kantar Emor, the most popular selling items of web stores include concert, movie and theatre tickets, perfume products and electronics, while groceries, medicati...

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01 August 2018

Royal Mail Enhancing Online Shopping Delivery Experience

Royal Mail introduced key enhancements to its tracked services, designed to improve the customer experience for both retailers and online shoppers.

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26 July 2018

Ask Google Assistant when PostNL will deliver your parcel

PostNL is now the first delivery service in the Netherlands with speech-based interaction. Google Assistant users can now get a response from Daan, PostNL's service assistant. The Dutch-speaking Go...

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18 July 2018

Parcelforce Worldwide launches new dashboard for UK and International parcels

Parcelforce Worldwide launches innovative tracking, monitoring and reporting dashboard enabling customers to monitor the progress of their deliveries The dashboard is an on-demand tool which pr...

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13 July 2018

British retailers enjoy entente cordiale as fondness of British brands drives a quarter of French shoppers to buy from UK sites

Ahead of Bastille Day on Saturday 14th July, Royal Mail has analysed shopping trends in France One in four online shoppers in France have purchased from a UK site in the last three months Th...

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06 July 2018

Trust and authenticity drive US shoppers to spend $86 (£66) per month on UK sites according to Royal Mail

One in seven US shoppers have purchased from a UK site in the last three months American shoppers are significantly more likely to trust the authenticity of UK sites. The main reason for shoppi...

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27 June 2018

According to a Royal Mail Study 80% of UK SME Retailers Expect an Increase in Sales This Summer

Hot weather, bank holidays, summer sporting events and celebrity trends are the main reasons for an expected increase in sales On average, retailers are expecting a sales increase of almost a t...

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