Cristophe Demailly,
International VP Colissimo

"Customers want to have the choice in terms of delivery, with or without signature, home, outside, and this is what we are able to offer thanks to our partners."

Alexander Lichtner,
Deutsche Post Parcel Deliveryman/Driver

"I think we are like little saviours. With our delivery we make life easier for people."

Evi and Sigrid,
The World of Alice

"The biggest advantage for us is that the bpost and shopitag webshop is fast to setup and maintaining it is very simple."

David McRedmond,
CEO at An Post

"Dublin is the first city in Europe to have 100% electric deliveries, and we are now extending that to every city in Ireland. By the end of 2020 every delivery will be by an electric vehicle."

Tino Kopanakis,
InandOut Distribution

“Price is important for us, and we greatly value Austrian Post’s customer-friendly approach in the rare event that a parcel is lost. There are bigger barriers to doing business across borders, for example it would help if the EU had a simplified EU-wide system for VAT returns.”

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Aurélien de Meaux,

“Cheerz’ customers are very demanding. We do our best to print and send their photos as quickly as possible, and we ask postal operators to deliver fast. We look at the price of delivery, and we value the fact that the posts deliver to every corner in Europe. We look to sell outside of France because it makes good business sense – a market of 500 million is better than a market of 65 million inhabitants – but we have found it works better if we localise our service because, like it or not, consumers often prefer to buy in their own country.”

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Jim Shaikh,

“Parents like our products because with Yoomi at the touch of a button they can warm milk in just 60 seconds making their lives easier! We are growing worldwide and we deliver through various shipments, from parcels for individual customers to containers for what are mainly B2B customers. We constantly look for the best price and service for all types of deliveries and we work with postal operators, including Royal Mail, as well as alternative providers. ”

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Karl Rempp,
Schuhhaus Rempp

“Deutsche Post DHL provided support in our transition from a traditional bricks and mortar shoe business to a successful international online retailer – and they have been with us every step of the way. In the early days, around 5-10 pairs of shoes were dispatched per day. Today, we deliver over 100 parcels per day, all safe in the hands of DHL. Six employees now take care of the orders placed via the online shop at www.schuhhaus-rempp.de, sending shoe boxes out to customers all around the world.”

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Klaus Kiunke,
Model Car World

“When it comes to our somewhat niche market, cross-border trade is essential if our business is going to grow to any really significant proportions. Our success is contingent upon whether our products can be delivered directly and reliably to our customers – and thanks to Deutsche Post, our revenue from international sales now surpasses our domestic sales here in Germany. Each additional country committed optimizing B2B logistics opens up a potential new markets for us.”

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Naturkost.com – organic food

“Delivering orders with our own staff was not enough after a short time. Our parcel carrier became the partner for unrestricted international shipping, raising efficiency and making expanding our market possible globally.” “Of highest importance to us is the flexibility and quality of service in delivering our products. Our partner Deutsche Post DHL has proven itself over the years through high quality, professional logistical services and a continuing fair cooperation based on trust.”

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Volker Hasbargen,
CEO of Hasbargen

“Each DHL employee acts as a representative for our services: in a way, they are the face of Hasbargen at the end of the supply chain. We have been placing our confidence in this successful working relationship for years now.”

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Mark Bezner,
CEO of Olymp

“Speed is an essential component of our business model, this is why we place such importance on the reliability and punctuality of delivery for our parcels. Our cooperation with DHL has borne considerable fruit with end customers: fast, reliable and punctual delivery of parcels benefits our online marketing. DHL’s service also works to our advantage with major customer business. In light of our encouraging business growth, we are confident that we will be working even more closely with DHL in the future.”

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Stephen Boobyer, worldofbooks.com

Worldofbooks.com, began as a small online retailer of second-hand books in 2008 and has since then began expanding through an export-based strategy. With the help of Royal Mail, World of Books now sends out about 5 million books or 25% of its books to customers in more than 100 countries throughout the world and has expanded rapidly to become one of the largest sellers of used books in the world.

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