19 May 2022

Purchases from AliExpress will now reach the Omniva parcel machine of your choosing

As a new opportunity, when you make a purchase from AliExpress, you have the opportunity to immediately select the nearest Omniva parcel machine to receive your goods.

Omniva’s wide network of parcel machines provides a more convenient use of the service. The new option which enables to choose a parcel machine does not change the price.

When in the past, it was necessary to go to the post office and declare the goods to receive a parcel from AliExpress. It is now possible to select the Omniva parcel machine option on AliExpress webpage, which offers a choice of machines throughout the Baltics. All parcels that make their way to the Baltics in this manner have already been declared by Omniva in collaboration with AliExpress, and the customer will not be subject to any additional charges.

‘We will make shopping even more convenient and quick, and will speedily transport the goods to the nearest parcel machine. Omniva has the largest network of parcel machines in the Baltics and, regardless of the location, purchasers are able to receive the purchase at a time and place of their own choosing. So, it does not matter whether you live in Varbla, in Kuressaare, or anywhere else in Estonia,’ said Kristi Unt, member of the board of Omniva. ‘By ordering your goods to an Omniva parcel machine, you can be sure your package reaches you the fastest way possible.’

‘Omniva has enjoyed a lengthy collaboration with AliExpress and adding a new service is a sign of trust and quality. Our international parcel service initiative will hopefully gain momentum with this and will also contribute to e-commerce on the Asian route,’ Kristi Unt added.

In the span of a year, roughly 3.6 million parcels are ordered from AliExpress through Omniva, about 1 million shipments of which is made up by Estonia. In the Baltics, Omniva has 924 parcel machines, 285 of which are in Estonia, and their number is constantly increasing.

Source: Omniva