Jim Shaikh,

“Parents like our products because with Yoomi at the touch of a button they can warm milk in just 60 seconds making their lives easier! We are growing worldwide and we deliver through various shipments, from parcels for individual customers to containers for what are mainly B2B customers. We constantly look for the best price and service for all types of deliveries and we work with postal operators, including Royal Mail, as well as alternative providers. ”

Jim Shaikh from the UK is the founder and CEO of Yoomi. Since 2009, Yoomi manufactures self-warming baby-bottles in the UK. Yoomi’s products are attracting customers from Europe and the rest of the world, particularly China. Yoomi combines the challenges of being a manufacturing and an e-commerce SME.

Explaining the challenges he faces as a small company, he said: “As a UK inventor and manufacturer, we need to protect our IP rights, but this comes at a great cost to our small company. In addition, we have EU approval but some member states require additional regulatory checks, making it a little bit harder to sell across borders.”

Check out Yoomi’s products on www.yoomi.com