21 March 2019

PostNord and SwipBox to carry out pilot project with digital parcel boxes in close proximity to homes

As a result of the explosive increase in e-commerce deliveries, PostNord recognizes the need for delivery solutions that have the capacity to handle the expectations of e-commerce customers regarding fast, flexible and precise deliveries.

PostNord and the company SwipBox, which develops software and hardware for self-service machines, are therefore now testing a completely new infrastructure for the delivery of parcels.

The pilot project features 200 digital parcel boxes and will start on March 21, 2019 in Kolding in Denmark. If the test provides positive results, there will be a rollout of parcel boxes throughout Denmark. The pilot and possible rollout will form the basis for further expansion in the other Nordic countries.

Recipients of PostNord deliveries will be able to use the PostNord App (a smartphone app that communicates with the parcel box via Bluetooth) to open the box and retrieve the parcel at a time that suits them.

“For some time now, we have recognized the need for new infrastructure for the delivery of parcels, with the aim that this increases convenience, provides flexibility for recipients and complements our existing delivery locations, i.e. delivery via partner outlets and home delivery,” says President and Group CEO of PostNord Håkan Ericsson, who continues,

“during the last few years, PostNord has tested various types of future delivery options, such as delivery to the trunks of cars and home deliveries to locked containers. The pilot project in Denmark is another step in this development.”

In Denmark, the parcel boxes will be called “Nærboks” and will be installed by the company Nordic Infrastructure, which is jointly owned by PostNord and SwipBox. Nordic Infrastructure is operated as an open parcel network, which means that all postal and logistics operators can deliver parcels to “Nærboks”. During the six-month test period, the Danish recipients will be able to collect parcels from the parcel boxes that are delivered by PostNord as well as other postal and logistics operators.

This future-oriented parcel network aims to make it easy and convenient for recipients to collect parcels from a location in very close proximity to their home.

The purpose of digital parcel boxes is not only to provide simplicity for recipients, but is also a sustainable production solution via which deliveries can be made anytime.

Source: PostNord