24 December 2018

PostNL expects to deliver 50 million parcels in November and December

Mail deliverers, sorters, truck drivers and parcel deliverers at PostNL turned in a top performance in the festive period. Mail deliverers have delivered millions of Christmas cards and almost 212.000 elderly persons throughout the Netherlands were made happy with a beautiful Christmas card thanks to the cooperation with the National Foundation for the Elderly (Dutch: Stichting Ouderenfonds). The number of parcels delivered by PostNL between Saint Nicolas (5 December) and 24 December is about 17.5 million. The week before Christmas was just as busy as the week before Saint Nicholas Day. PostNL expect to deliver about 50 million parcels in November and December.

“Thanks to the great commitment of all our employees we managed to handle a record number of cards and parcels this festive period”, according to Resi Becker, mail director at PostNL. “The post and parcel sorting centres were operating non-stop at full strength in the recent period and there was a great solidarity on the shop floor. The shared aim was to deliver all Christmas cards and presents on time to the people at home. I am very proud that we have been able to keep our Christmas promises.”

Source: PostNL