05 May 2020

Posti – Cash on Delivery makes consumer-to-consumer e-commerce more secure

According to a questionnaire conducted by Posti, Finns are shopping more online as a result of the coronavirus emergency.

This has also caused an increase in the number of used items being sold and purchased online. If you’re worried about trading with a stranger, using COD (Cash on Delivery) is one way to make the process more secure.

According to Timo Korander, Head of Services, Digital Commerce at Posti, people are going through their belongings as a result of spending more time at home and passing on unwanted items that are still in usable condition.

“The volume of consumer-to-consumer parcels sent through Posti has doubled over the past couple of weeks. Using Cash on Delivery improves the security of the process, particularly when trading valuable items,” Korander says.

Susanna Lehtonen, a 25-year-old from Tampere, is an avid recycler who purchases many of her items used. “I’ve used Tori.fi and second-hand groups on Facebook to buy and sell old furniture, such as an old couch, dresser, dining table and chairs. I’ve also sold some bags, a wallet, jackets and shoes.”

According to Lehtonen, peer to peer trading offers a lot of benefits. “I’ve been able to buy valuable items at a slightly lower price. They’ve been lightly used, but in good condition. I’ve also found items that are no longer available new. Selling has been an easy way to declutter things I no longer want while passing them on to someone who needs them at an inexpensive price.”

Lehtonen has also been scammed once. “I was buying two unused sets of sheets online and didn’t think to ask for additional pictures. The seller seemed reliable, but after I paid and asked for a tracking code, they would no longer reply to me.

With Cash on Delivery, the seller can be sure that the buyer pays for the item before receiving it, while the buyer doesn’t have to pay the seller in advance. Posti’s Cash on Delivery for parcels costs EUR 5.50 in addition to the transportation costs.

How to use Cash on Delivery – In some deliveries, the recipients receive a message containing a payment link

  1. Pack the parcel and select the size that matches its dimension from the list of options. The maximum weight of the parcel is 32 kg.
  2. Select COD (Cash on Delivery) as an additional service.
  3. Add the necessary payment information.
  4. Add the name and phone number of the recipient and choose the delivery location.
  5. Pay for the item and save the Helposti code.
  6. Write the Helposti code and the following information on the parcel: the names, addresses and mobile phone numbers of the sender and recipient. Drop the parcel off at any parcel locker or leave it at a Posti service desk within 14 days of purchasing the delivery service.
  7. The parcel is handed over to the recipient once they pay the COD amount. If the parcel is shipped to the locker, the recipient will receive a link via SMS to pay the COD amount. The authenticity of the message can always be verified with the item ID in item tracking.

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Source: Posti Group