17 April 2020

Postal survey: Almost a fifth of Finns increased online shopping during the interest rate crisis

Almost a fifth of Finns say they have increased their online purchases during the state of emergency caused by the corona, according to a survey commissioned by Posti from Kantar TNS. 18-34-year-olds have increased their purchases the most, but the growth is clearly visible in all age groups. At Posti, the number of parcels has grown tremendously and last week Posti delivered more than a million parcels to its customers.

The state of emergency caused by Korona has made a clear spike in the online shopping behavior of Finns. Online shopping has increased in recent weeks in all age groups. The information is based on a survey commissioned by Posti from TNS Kantar, to which a total of about 1,000 Finns responded at the turn of March-April. The respondents represent a comprehensive sample of Finns.

E-commerce has become very relevant in a short time when people stay at home and still want to make various purchases in their daily lives. According to our previous surveys, about half of Finns have bought something online at least once a month, and now more and more people will buy something online every week, says Arttu Hollmérus , Posti’s director of domestic parcel business .

The 18-34 age group, whose e-commerce behavior is the most active, has increased its online shopping the most. But also in the oldest target group, 65-79, who use e-commerce the least, even under normal conditions, 12% say that the exceptional situation has increased their online purchases. By region, online shopping has increased the most in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (27%), but growth has also been in the fifth range (18%) in sparsely populated areas.

By product group, online shopping has increased in almost all product groups. The time and isolation spent at home is clearly evident, especially in the fact that there is strong growth in the trade in food, medicines and various games, hobby products and books.

In the postal survey, online shopping was limited to ordering goods from online stores and, for example, ordering services and digital content was excluded from the survey.

The post office delivered more than a million parcels a week

Strong demand is challenging e-retailers, especially in terms of warehousing and logistics. In the survey, 12% of respondents said that online shopping was not successful because the product or goods had run out or transportation was not available.

Posti’s parcel volumes have increased significantly with the interest rate crisis, and last week, for example, we delivered more than a million parcels. The amounts of the home package are also many times higher than before. Despite rapid growth, we have managed to increase capacity across the country, but we have to make exceptional arrangements to get it all there. We employ hundreds of subcontractors and do everything we can to support Finnish trade in this difficult situation, says Hollmérus.

Source: Posti Group