03 January 2020

Omniva delivered one and half million parcels to clients during the Christmas month

The most popular day for receiving parcels turned out to be 18 December, when nearly 90,000 people received a shipment.

Omniva operations manager Kristi Unt said that this year’s peak parcel-sending season went smoothly. “We had a record volume of parcels, but timely planning and thorough preparation ensured a peaceful Christmas this year as well,” said Unt, according to whom all parcels that were shipped correctly and on time reached their destination before the holidays. The most parcels were delivered to clients the week before Christmas, and using parcel machines that were filled and emptied several times a day.

In total, Omniva delivered more than 1.5 million parcels to clients in December. “If each parcel had had a different recipient then we would have delivered a parcel to at least each resident of Estonia in December,” said Unt. “In reality, the majority of shipments went to larger cities, but a significant portion of parcels was also shipped to rural areas.”

According to Unt, this year’s Christmas season was successful firstly thanks to all the clients who shipped their parcels on time and later picked them up quickly, but secondly also thanks to the committed employees who kept delivering the parcels even during the weekend before Christmas. The company’s new logistics centre and the expanded parcel machine network played an important role in tackling the record volumes as well.

Although the record parcel volumes are in December, according to Unt, the above average volumes also continue in January. For example, after the Christmas shopping and gift season an active period on the aftermarket starts as well as an increase in person-to-person shipping. “For instance, if a person gets a new winter jacket as a gift then often the old one is sent away to a new owner, be it a friend or someone found from a shopping portal. This trend is very welcome,” said Unt.

According to Omniva the parcel volumes grow nearly 20% each year. Trends show that a similar growth tempo will continue in the coming years.

Source: Omniva