22 July 2020

Omniva and Hrvatska Pošta launch strategic partnership to establish parcel locker network in Croatia

Hrvatska Pošta entered into an agreement with Estonian state-owned company Omniva for the use of their parcel locker software. Strategic co-operation will also be launched between the two parties, during which Omniva will advise the establishment and launching of parcel locker network in Croatia.

“Omniva’s almost ten years of experience in the successful development of the parcel machine network in the Baltic States and strategic connections with the world’s largest manufactures Hive-box played a significant role in the birth of the outcome,” said Ansi Arumeel, CEO of Omniva. “In addition to providing traditional postal services, our strategy is to become a technology company and increase exports to foreign markets.”

A network with 300 parcel machines will be established in Croatia by the end of 2021. Parcel machines are supplied by Hive-box – company which also manufactures new generation parcel machines for Omniva. Omniva developed software will be used in the machines.

“Developing the parcel machine network is part of our Post2022 Development strategy, and decision to install them was made following the trends of multi-year growth of e-commerce and package business. Omniva is an experienced partner with outstanding track record in the field – they deliver 90% of packages in this way. That is why we are eager to start co-operation with them,” said Krešimir Domjančić, Head of Public Relations of Hrvatska Pošta.

Omniva is Estonian state-owned international company which has a network of 800 parcel machines in the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania), of which 250 are in Estonia. The construction of parcel network started in 2011 and is by far the largest and most used in the Baltic States.

Founded in 2015, the Chinese company Hive-box Technology Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of parcel machines with a market value of 1.4 billion USD. The company has installed over 270,000 parcel machines in China and distributed its lockers to 700 locations worldwide.

Hrvatska pošta is Croatian state-owned postal company established in 1999.

Source: Omniva