25 November 2020

Norway Post is increasing the number of parcel delivery points substantially

Norway Post makes it easier to pick up e-commerce packages: When Black Friday arrives, Norway Post will have over 1,700 delivery points. There are over 130 more drop-off points than at the same time last year.

In 2020, places with parcel delivery have increased. There are now 263 such places around the country. They are in addition to Post in Shop. Package delivery is available in different types of stores. Here, customers can pick up their packages and return returns.

Norway Post is also in the process of putting out parcel boxes that are available 24/7 throughout the country. By 2021, parcel boxes will be set up in 1000 different places in the country. Packing boxes are set out continuously. It is estimated that there will be parcel boxes at 80 different locations before Black Friday – giving a total of 1709 different delivery points for parcels.

“In line with the strong growth in packages, we are expanding a solid network of delivery points, so that our customers have the greatest possible freedom of choice. Many people want the packages delivered to their homes, but with more and more delivery points, it is also a good solution for those who choose this. We continue to expand our delivery network and the goal is for customers to be able to choose from almost 3,000 places to pick up packages by Christmas 2021,” says press manager Kenneth Tjønndal Pettersen.

Here is an overview of the number of delivery points for Norway Post:

  • Post in Shop 1,302
  •  Posten packet delivery 263
  •  Packing box about 80 (all new in 2020)
  • Post Office 28
  • Others 36

Source: Posten Norge