18 April 2019

Croatian Post’s web shop earns recognition at the 2019 Web Retailer of the Year competition

Croatian Post’s web shop Yellow Click won the award for Best Web Shopping Mall at the biggest regional web retailer competition – the 2019 Web Retailer of the Year. Yellow Click earned the award at this year’s competition, which saw the participation of as many as 195 web shops.

Based on the Post 2022 Development Strategy and guided by the imperative of quality, Croatian Post is focused on improving business processes and implementing innovation. The implementation of innovation and digitalisation are high-priority strategic goals for Croatian Post, which is why launching the Yellow Click web shop two years ago was an important step in achieving said goal.

“Earning such a recognition after only two years of operation is a strong impetus for Croatian Post, which is why I would like to thank all my colleagues for their contribution,” said Croatian Post CEO Ivan Čulo. The award was received by Marijana Miličević, Executive Director for the Corporate Marketing and Development Office, on behalf of Croatian Post at the award ceremony held on 17 April 2019 as part of the E-commerce Day 2019 conference. Miličević took the opportunity to thank the team that had been working on this strategic project from the beginning: “This award proves that we are developing in a good direction and provides an additional motive to continue building new values for our users in order to permanently remain their preferred partner in shopping and delivering products to their doorsteps.“

Over the past year, Yellow Click has established itself as a recognisable and increasingly popular shopping site in the Croatian online market, as evidenced by this prestigious award. We have seen solid growth in turnover, the number of customers and orders and product range. An even faster growth in sales was achieved in the early months of this year. The total number of orders in January and February increased by 80% in comparison to the same period last year.

There are 65,000 users shopping on Yellow Click and their number is rising every day. They are mainly a cohort between the ages of 25 and 44 (62%), most of whom are women (56%). Shopping via mobile phone is most common, with as many as 62% of the customers accessing the website www.zutiklik.hr on their smartphones.

A unique feature of Yellow Click is the “Click Homemade – Products of Our Countryside” category, which offers a wide range of products from Croatian family farms. One of the most popular items in the category is the indigenous potato from Lika with Protected Geographical Indication. This way, Croatian Post, as a socially responsible company, brings small agricultural producers closer to customers across Croatia, encourages rural development and aids family farms in marketing their homemade products. Croatian Post provides all family farms with comprehensive online sales (Žuti klik) and product distribution (hpekspres) solutions, as well as customer support. This allows small farmers to focus on what they do best – produce high-quality homemade products. The family farm product category has quickly achieved recognition and acceptance, as evidenced by the customers’ increased demand for quality homemade products.

Its offer and affordable prices are not the only reason why Yellow Click has caught the attention of customers, since it is also the only Croatian web shop that provides multichannel retailing (online shop, post offices, contact centre), as well as the free delivery of all ordered goods across Croatia.