10 January 2019

Correos sent over 106 million parcels in 2018

Correos, the national postal service of Spain, has distributed more than 106 million packages in 2018. This represents an increase of 61 percent compared to the total amount of packages it managed during the year before.

Correos Group indicated that the company sent, on average, 9 million packages every month during last year. According to the company, the significant growth in parcel delivery is the result of ecommerce in Spain growing fast. The online retail industry has registered an annual increase of 20 percent for the last three years.

Greatest logistical effort of recent years

The parcel company says the latest figures are a record for the logistics group, especially in the last quarter of the year, a time in which they managed to pull of the “greatest logistical effort of recent years”. For example, in November, Correos distributed 10.5 million packages and in December that number even increase to 13.2 million.

These 24 million shipments during the last two, busy, months of the year represent a growth of over 22 percent compared to the same period in 2017. Also during this period last year, Correos Express distributed a total of 10.5 million packages.

Of all shipments handled by Correos, 78.3 percent are domestic ones, while 20.12 percent are import shipments, mostly from China, Japan, Europe and the US, while 1.54 percent are export shipments, aimed at the European and Asian market.

The result of growing ecommerce in Spain

Correos says the high numbers are a direct consequence of the exponential growth ecommerce in Spain is showing the last couple of years. A study by the National Commission of Markets and Competition shows that 49 percent of online shoppers in Spain received their packages through Correos and Correos Express.

Source: E-Commerce News, Correos

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