26 July 2018

Ask Google Assistant when PostNL will deliver your parcel

PostNL is now the first delivery service in the Netherlands with speech-based interaction.

Google Assistant users can now get a response from Daan, PostNL’s service assistant. The Dutch-speaking Google Assistant is available as of 26 July 2018, and PostNL is ‘launching partner’. Daan responds to questions like ‘When will my parcel be delivered?’, ‘Where can I drop off my parcel?’ or ‘Where is the closest letterbox?’ via speech-based interaction. Daan can also tell you if it’s still possible to change your delivery slot. PostNL is the first delivery service that’s linked to the Dutch-speaking Google Assistant.

Timo Snoek, product owner chatbots at PostNL: ‘At PostNL, the customer comes first, which is why we are tapping into the channels used by them. And we naturally do so in the way that suits them best. Speech-based interaction offers new opportunities to reach consumers. With the Dutch-speaking Google Assistant, you’ll have access to information about your parcel and PostNL locations, even faster. Daan provides Track & Trace information for your shipment by linking to your PostNL account. In the coming months, Daan will develop further and will be able to answer more and more questions.’

With Daan’s introduction, PostNL takes the first step towards a larger platform for chatbots. Chatbots develop through artificial intelligence, which allows them to answer even more questions from consumers in the future. Daan supplements the PostNL app, website and customer service department. This way, the company aims to give the consumer even more control over the parcel-delivery process.

Google Assistant

Tim van de Rijdt, Product Marketing Manager, Google Nederland: ‘We are thrilled to be able to introduce the Dutch Google Assistant today. The Google Assistant is always there to help you in your day to day situations, simply by giving an assignment or asking a question. We are very proud that PostNL has developed an Action on Google that is available immediately upon the launch of the Google Assistant, so that they can service their customers in a new way.’ The Dutch-speaking Google Assistant will go live on 26 July and is expected to be available to most Android and iOS users within days of its release.

Source: PostNL