What areas are postal operators working on in order to further develop cross-border e-commerce and parcel delivery in Europe?

European postal operators are united under the umbrella of PostEurop. We operate in 28 EU countries, handle 4 billion parcels across Europe and employ 2 million people. We fully support the European Commission’s goal in achieving the Digital Single Market and increasing the growth of e-commerce across Europe.

To this end, we work every day to:

  • Further improve interoperability across the European market and with other big global markets by adhering to international standards for labels and scanners, investing in infrastructure like more efficient sorting centres, establishing common procedures among ourselves and with our international partners for handling complaints and conflict resolutions;
  • Provide innovative solutions for both online retailers and their customers, such as investing in web platforms for sales conversion for e-retailers and coming up with faster, shorter distance fulfilment through smart logistical solutions in warehouses and transport planning with the use of Big Data.