What are postal operators doing to ensure cross-border parcel deliveries run smoothly?

Postal operators also strive to ensure a high degree of interoperability among national counterparts. This includes the mutual recognition of labels, the use of RFID tags, online track and trace, and notifications by email or SMS. Notably, European postal operators undertook the e-Commerce Interconnect Programme – together with their international counterparts – to create the best conditions for postal operators to meet demands from consumers and businesses and to fully benefit from the booming cross border e-Commerce market.

Under this programme, all participating posts are to provide consumers and online retailers with:

  • A choice of end-to-end transit times and features available in all destinations so that both consumers and retailers can be assured of a harmonised set of services in both country of origin and the country destination.
  • A full track-and-trace platform from posting to delivery using barcodes or RFID technology and providing full end-to-end visibility to consumers and e-retailers of sold and returned goods
  • A cross-border e-commerce return solution, enabling consumers to return an unwanted good free of charge to the country of delivery
  • Consistent cross-border delivery options offering consumers the same delivery and collection solutions for cross-border as for domestic e-commerce
  • Harmonised processes that ensures faster delivery
  • A reliable service
  • A more rapid resolution of handling customers queries through connecting call centres from up to 180 posts worldwide